Community Reflections Inc. Founder

Winnetka J. Vaden’s proudest profession is that she “Loves God” and always put “HIM” first.

As founder of Community Reflection Inc., “HIS” magnificence is glorified in all functions of her life’s character including her dedicated loyalty to other people; and holds her hand as she honorably pushes steadfast through all the trials and tribulation of living within a community that reach out too her for their own survival.

Early in life, Winnetka always knew and believed in her heart that there was something divinely ordained awaiting her. Unfortunately, her journey was one of a typical lifestyle of being an innocent young girl living in the streets at age thirteen (13) as a runaway wayward child being exposed to gang life, drugs, kidnaping which subsequently lead her life into forced prostitution, abuse an eventually prison!

In between Winnetka’s 17 years of incarnation, she trained in the field of Cosmetology and eventually passed the state requirements and became licensed to operate! Shortly after her final parole, Winnetka open her own a Beauty Salon called Ms. Nickie’s Reflections Hair Salon & Barber Shop, which also operated as an apprentice training center allowing trainees to earn a living in lieu obtaining their Cosmetology license.

What was also being observed and recognized, existing within her community base, her prison outreach commitments, hardships and poverty escalating all around her, was her calling to become more active in helping people constantly coming to her for many forms of economic, mental as well as physical help, food, shelter, clothing and for someone who had experience with the hardships of being a convicted felon.

After being introduced to California’s Proposition 47 which assisted low level felons with an opportunity to get a fresh start, open her eyes to what her true calling was. After conducting several community awareness events and successfully assisting many low-level offender’s get an opportunity to clean their records, Winnetka’s heart and compassion were in a tug of war.

Winnetka toiled with her Cosmetology business and/or her not be more excess able to people in hardship needs with in her own community.

Her belief in her spiritual convictions relieved her of her struggling burden. September 17, 2017 her hair salon was destroyed and her heart and the needs of the community at large, lead her to change her direction and Community Reflections Inc.’s “Center for Community Service” became an active location in the Westmont community in Los Angeles.

Organizational Priorities/Partnerships/Referring Agencies:

Community Reflections Inc. is moving forward in the leadership of identifying needs and bringing together a multi-facet of resources and services for children and adults with hardship disabilities, including their families in the Westmont/West Athens communities. CRI’s has a sponsorship with Community Coalition and working partnerships with Southwest Collage, Los Angeles County and State government, Teach School Los Angeles Mission, Jesse Owens Park facility and the County of Los Angeles Trauma Prevention Initiative.


Winnetka J. Vaden has excepted awards of recognition from Eric Garcetti, Mayor City of Los Angeles 2015, Mark -Ridely Thomas, Supervisor County of Los Angeles 2016, Holly Mitchell, Senate State of California 2015, Patrick J. Farey, Mayor city of Torrance 2017 and Roberto Retana President/CEO Community Coalition for CRI’s outstanding community contributions!