This Is Why We Love Our Westmont Community and It's Wonderful Citizens!

November 23rd., we held our annual FREE TURKEY GIVEAWAY DAY! But, what really made this a very special day for us was this day help us kick off our GET OUT TO VOTE...






Community Reflections Inc., would like to thank everyone that came out for our FREE Turkey Giveaway and Voter Registration Kick Off Day!!!
We would also like to give a special thanks to Isaiah and his staff in addition to Marqueec Harris Dawson for making this possible for the West Athens 8th District.
Please remember if you have not registered to vote please stop by and register here at my office. My team is so awesome I love them to death.
                                                                                                                                           Winnetka J. Vaden, Founder



Watch The Video HERE>>>

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Liyu Sebhat

Happy Sunday fb fam~
Ms. Winnetka Vaden is continuously doing great things for our community. Thank you Winnetka Vaden for serving our community💗

Tina Williams

I would like to thank Community Reflections for great work in the community. GOD'S PLAN

Cheryl Rivers

Winnetka you are an amazing woman and your stamina and tenacity is awesome...My get the job done..!!
Happy to be on your team

Dawood Mustafa Ali

Community reflections does good dees for the black community