We are so thrilled and very proud to have hosted our Westmont/West Athens community "Day of Sharing and Caring" Thanksgiving FREE Turkey/Turkey Dinner and Grocery Give Away!
A very special thank you to all who came out and help us gather all the supplies that helped us prepare an estimated 300 bags of food and turkey dinners! Our community is over baring with heroes who dedicate themselves for the betterment of their friends and neighbors!
Community Reflections Inc. can not express our deeply embedded gratitude to Los Angeles City Council, District 8 Councilmember Marqueece Harris-Dawson support and his staff’s appearance and donation of turkeys helped to feed so many in our community, our extension of gratitude must be acknowledged.
 In-addition, we were very excited and thankful for the support from the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisor for the 2nd District, Mark Ridley-Thomas and his staff stopping by and assuring our community that we are not standing alone in our ambitious quest to bring community change and reconstruction into Westmont/West Athens. 

Our unwavering and deepest sincere Thank You to all the vendor, sponsors, volunteers, entertainment providers and the community of Westmont/West Athens for helping us be of service to anyone and everyone we could help, if only for a few precious moment's on this very special and joyous day of celebration!