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La Veta Lair Bellflower, CA

Mr. Vaden helped me out with a simple fax back in February of 2019. I began to speak with him about living homelessness and staying across the street from his business on Century and Western with my cousin. He informed me to send my resume which then he forwarded to you Ms. Farmer. You then began to send me job leads and in April I went to one in Sante Fe Springs and I obtained a job wit Telecare in Norwalk.  A Mental Health service that assists with the  ODR and Probation  AD109 program. I started working  May 28, 2019 and will soon be in a place for me and my children.  I  would like to Thank the both of you!!

Darlene Dai'Re Westmont, CA

I was very surprise when I walk into the office of Mr. Julius Vaden (Community Reflections Inc.).The resource that was given to me show me that I can move forward, and reach my goals, which I thought was impossible.The materials that I received form their office was targeted exploit my potential to develop into someone more focused and excited about my future. I've learned that there is greater hope from putting to use the tools I have received!  Now I can see the  brighter light for my growth and potential and what a pretty picture. A life worth living with open windows to see clearly, in spite of my obstacles. The look of ecstasy. Never again will I ignore my potential and faith in myself. Many thanks and Great Appreciation to Mr. Julius L. Vaden and Community Reflection Inc.

Mesha Butler

Well thanks for helping me with my resume yesterday I got the job just waiting to go drug test God Bless.

Dennis Redmond Los Angeles, CA

Ms. Vaden was a big help from the first time I meet her. She made me feel welcomed and she made my process and the forms I needed filled out really simple. I truly thank her for her help!