Robin Barkins is a fearless and outspoken peer advocate, acquired HIV at the tender age of 15. When she received the devastating news, thinking her life was over she participated in a career of selfdestructive activities of sex work and substance abuse for over ten years. Finding herself spiritually and emotionally bankrupt hitting the lowest point in her life she made a decision to go into a drug recovery program.

Ms. Barkins never thought it was possible to live a life without drugs and alcohol, but with fierce determination to improve her life she began to face her emotional injuries and fears head on and in the process learned new coping skills to deal with life.

With a brand new lease on life she regained a healthy self-esteem and confidence. Ms. Barkins in 2010 she made a decision to go public with her story knowing it could have an impact on other people lives.  By telling her story she took her power back because for so long she kept her HIV status a secret.

Currently, Robin is on a mission to help women and men who are suffering from a disease of addition and HIV. By sharing her story and educating her Peers, family, and community.