What a powerful and empowering day spent at Southwest College Los Angeles this past Thursday the 21st. Community Reflections Inc. host their second “Homeless, What Can We Do”, Panel and Open Discussion.

Once again we want to thank Southwest College and Dr. Rose for their caring concerns about this ever growing community challenge and hardship of Homelessness in not only this college and their students but the surrounding community also suffering for crisis we are all confronted with.

We are very proud to be able to join with Southwest College and there on campus associations for being a developing hub in our community taking on and confronting the Homelessness growth in our front and back doors! Mr. Daniel Tabor, another THUMBS UP…for your charismatic and charming skill of mastering the most difficult ability; that of being the most in-creditable Master of Ceremony we are grateful to have host our event.

Our organization is extremely humbled to have a very special friend come and speak with and to use from an historical back ground most would know from his career as an NFL football star with the Los Angeles Rams “Fearsome Foursome”, Mr. Rose Grier. But were most proud of his love of God and his on elevated spirit and how deeply he care's about every person on this planet and "what he can do to help you spirit"!  Event Videos...click here!!!


Event Videos...click here!!!

Mr. Grier, didn’t really need an introduction to the crowd gathered in the Student Services building at Southwest College, however, the audience clapped loudly and with great homage when Daniel Tabor introduced Mr. Grier.

His presence gave a lift to the activists and supporters of the campaign to combat homelessness as he led a call-and-response affirmation that included this message: “I am precious. I am valuable. I am unique. I am one of a kind.”

Grier’s appearance was an inspiring start to the event, which was sponsored by a coalition of community groups and activists called Community Transformation Program.
After Grier’s greeting,  Southwest Political Science professor Dr. Adewole Umoja stepped forward and spelled out the challenges that must be addressed to deal with the current homelessness crisis. He spoke clearly and powerfully, pointing out that the situation is not the fault of the homeless, nor was it an accident, but in fact was the result of public policy.
“This is not how society should work,” he said, “not how people should treat each other.” He emphasized that the day was a step that will help build a day of sharing and caring on October 22 at Southwest designed to highlight the issues and to provide clothing and hygiene for the homeless, while bringing together community stakeholders. “The priorities for our society,” he said, “ignore the needs of the homeless, the mentally ill, foster children, and many others.





Los Angeles Southwest College Homeless Panel Discussion 2016


I Want To Take A Moment To Give A Special "THANK YOU" to all who came and gave powerfully educational and motivating representations!
From left to Right:
Mr. Daniel Tabor (MC) and Spencer Finley (CRI)
Mr. Rosey Grier (Our Dear Friend)
Dr. Dr. Adewole Umoja (Event Coordinator)
Dean ???  
Mr. Charles Fleming's, Homeless Deputy Director Representing Maxine Waters
Dhakshike Wickrema, Policy &Deputy Director of Homelessness Representing Mayor Garcet
Miss Ashley Thomas, Homeless Director Representing Marqueece Harris-Dawson
Gilbert Johnson Representing Community Coalition Los Angeles
Susan Burton, A New Way Of Life CEO...
Mr. Kenon Johnson, Regional Coordinator Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority (LAHSA)
Ben "Taco" Owens, CEO Cease Fire Los Angeles
Donna Graham, Girls N Gangs CEO.
We are extremely grateful to all of our City, State, County and Local California State Representatives for providing on their behalf, such caring and knowledgeable colleges to come to our event and adequately represent their leadership offices.