Our Very Special Thank You To The AID to HUMANITY Society

We strive for the perfection our community deserves…

I like to thank our mayor Eric Garcetti for acknowledging and honoring Community Reflections Inc. for the work we do in the Westmont/West Athens Community.
I was invited (and share this glorious experience with my twin dynamite sisters Sheryl, Patrice Rivers and Debra Kendrick) too spent the day with the AID to HUMANITY society and had a beautiful luncheon with all of their colleagues and dignitaries from all over the world.

Our Honor As Funding Recipients 

We are so  grateful we can bring more opportunities with this blessing…

They treated our group with cherished royalty and made our presence warm and very appreciate while we were being recognize and granted funding from all across the world.
In addition to hosting this wonderfully edifying Aid To Humanity event, we were introduced and spent the morning in the VIP room with most of FYM Foundation that are honored to work with us. God is truly a blessing we were among many compassionate God-Fearing people appreciating and praising the Lord.
We are so humbled,


Winnetka J. Vaden, Founder