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There are several and various resource organizations available with in the Westmont/West Athens community offering varieties of Hope and Change opportunities for the benefit of their citizens! Of which we salute.

In order for a struggling community to function adequately and effectively in helping it's citizens maneuver through the economic burdens and societal hardships, we must all come together as a family, brake down the walls and barriers of in difference, poverty, crime and injustice and help continue teaching our citizens that knowledge of community based opportunities, and, when in time of need, their are unlimited resources becoming more and more excess-able from these local community based organizations. These available resources are benefactor for consumption's designed to offset destructive and burden sum problems many struggle to over come.

This past Saturday August 3rd., CRI held it's 3rd Annual "Day of Sharing and Caring" Safe & Sober -4-Corner FREE Water Giveaway!!! What a wonderfully prosperous and unifying day it was for our local community together and welcome visitors from a variety of different communities and organizations and share with our experience of Given, Unity, Fun & Games, Vendors Services, Food, Music, Prayer and our utmost goals of sharing our Love Our Westmont/West Athens Community.

We wish to extend our gracious and sincere appreciation and gratitude for everyone who came and gave of their time and unselfish participation in making this day an experience many in our community welcomed and were deeply thankful for.

CRI, especially wishes to personally and extend our very special thank you too Minister Tony Muhammad and the brothers and sisters of The Nation for their participation, social involvement and warm and loving spirit as they continue demonstrating their since concerns, interest and unwavering desires in working with our inner city community in bringing more healing opportunities, love, unity and constructive harmony among our citizens of color, not just in our community. We were so grateful for his passionate leadership and the display of black folk morality the nation's family members exemplify during their visit!

Our special salute goes out once again for our special invited guess of vendors, supporters, volunteers, cooks, and we really could not have kept our participator's involved without the help from our dear friends at radio station 93.5 K-Day

Finally, the City of Los Angeles stepped up once again an came through for us providing the event necessities we needed to help provide for our citizens with a safe and extremely well coordinated atmosphere and the serenity that help to insure that everyone was welcome on one accord.This was successfully demonstrated with the mixture of local gangs members who's presences was noted and their conduct admirably appreciated!

We are extremely excited and deeply humble for receiving three (3) Certificates of Recognition! Thank you Mayor Eric Garcetti and Councilmember Marqueece Harris-Dawson.

This was an honor an surprise that has instilled in our growing confidence, that when you serve others, only good and special acknowledgements find their way's into your house.

Our closing goal in continuance, is placing and pursuing our greatest objective, with our biggest and greatest surrounding parentheses in the reconstruction of Community Hope and Change!  With hope there are solution's to making our communities grow stronger in unity, perseverance and creativity with outcomes of making this community a love story of hope and growth. Every day is a day of joy, challenge and life's charted journey. Lets make our community strong again, with great respect, responsibility, and courage.To do what is needed to be done. It's not a quick fix, but it take a community to reach out and act as one!.

(Community Refection Of Hope)

Job; 11: 18 READ
And you will feel secure, because there is hope,
look around and take a rest in security

COMMUNITY REFECTION OF HOPE, is here for you, come and join us.

Author, Darlene Dai'Re 

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Its so many people that I want to thank that it will be impossible to share. Community Reflections is honored to be recognized by all of our Los Angeles County and City officials. KDAY radio station has always been there for me. LASA, Mental Health, Hoplcs, our Debt Collector Team,Leap for paying your utility bills, Julius Vaden our Live Scan Technician, Luis Reyes our Record and Expungement Team, Ceasefire, Community Coalition, Jaime RareBreed Gregory, Vincent Samuels Task Force, Donna Graham water giveaway, my instructor Bob Lay from Worldwide Ministry Institute, Ebony and her staff for the Game Truck, Clyde with their virtual game zone, Tina from Healthy Minds Matter Mobile Unit,. I want to give a special thanks to my volunteers all the different hoods and last but not least Tony Muhammad and all our beautiful women.

Love you all,

Winnetka J. Vaden, Founder & CEO

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