Our Center for Community Services Mission:

Partnership's in Building Healthier Families and Stronger Impoverished Communities through Positive Constructive Relationships, Programs, Services, Caring and Sharing with Networking Collaboration's within the WestMonth/Athens and South Los Angeles Communities.

Our young Men, Women and Seniors who have become societal victims can be shown…"That There Is A Better Way"

“A Place to Turn to for Help!”

 We Accomplish these tasks by:

  • Focusing on basic and fundamental concepts that help form the solid foundation of a healthy prosperous community;
  • Supporting the needs of children and families, especially those impacted by violence and economic challenges;
  • Connecting children and families to the healthcare and human service systems;
  • Providing support to parents with in-home counseling and education programs to foster stronger family relationships;
  • Sponsoring activities and programming that reach the full generational continuum of our community;
  • Promoting activities benefiting the disabled and senior citizen.

And much, much more;

Center Resource Services:                                                                            

  • Homeless & Veteran Services
  • Trauma & Violence Prevention
  • Youth Services and Gang Trauma
  • Employment Services
  • Social Services
  • Girls N Gangs Intervention
  • HIV/STD Resources
  • Live Scan/Finger Rolling Services
  • Criminal Record Cleaning
  • Prison Out Reach
  • Notary Services/Fax & Copy Services

We Are Committed to Community Growth and Development!

VitalChek provides information on
birth certificates,
death certificates,
marriage records, and
divorce records.

Live Scan Service   Live Scan Forms  Record Cleaning